Thursday, 29 October 2009

The new Sleek "Sunset" Palette and Sunset EOTD

Introducing the newest member of my makeup family; the beautiful 'Sunset' Palette from Sleek Makeup:

This is my first ever Sleek Palette and I picked it up from Superdrug yesterday for £4.87 (bargain!)
I've heard so much about Sleek Palettes on all the beauty blogs and they seem firm favourites with everyone as they are mineral based, pigmented and super affordable! The Sunset Palette is new to the range. The permanent sleek palettes are Original, Storm, Chaos, Sunset, Acid while the Limited Editions include Safari, Jewels, Graphite & Curious. I saw the new  LE Graphite palette yesterday which everyone is currently raving about also and while it was nice, I wear alot of pinks and golds/bronzes so Sunset seemed the perfect choice for my first palette. So here are some close-ups for your viewing pleasure:

With Flash

Without Flash
 (I would say this is a more accurate representation of the colours)


The colours are all have a sparkly finish with the exception of the black which is matte.
That was my first ever attempt at doing swatches and it went a bit wonky sorry, lol!

I thought I would try to create some 'Sunset' inspired eyeshadow looks and here are my attempts. I hope you enjoy.

Do you own any Sleek Palettes, which one's your favourite?

L. xXx


Halifax said...

Nice swatches. It's nice to have access to Superdrugs with all the goodies it carries. Lucky you :-)

Rosa Adores... said...

that palette looks lovely!
i own the Storm palette and i love it, i do have my eye on the Graphite palette now, and maybe even this one after this post! :D

PrincessKayFay said...

Lush Colours !!! Got to Have it :) x

Lu said...

Thanks for the comments girlies :)

@Halifax. I shouldve mentioned Sleek is UK only soz. Though I think Sleek are soon to be opening an online store and they may ship internationally!

@Rosa I can't remember if I saw Storm yesterday but I like the sound of it! I'm trying to decide which one to get next hehe!

@Princess. Yeah totally lush colours, I love Sunset-esque colours, makes me feel all warm and tropical hehe. x

Shifa said...

i own storm and love it! this looks gawjus =)

Lina said...

That palette looks beautiful, loving the oranges and yellows! So gonna get one! Great post. Lxx

Anonymous said...

awesome swatches! the palette looks lovely and normally I'd pass at warmer colours (I love the Original sleek palette w/dark, cool colours) but this is making me change my mind.. *shakes fist* dammit Lu!

I gotta stay away from you beauty bloggers n ya blogs... i swear my bro is gonna clobber me over the head with my makeup bag if i buy ANY more! :p xx

Bicky said...

This looks super nice. Our Superdrug doesn't have any Sleek though so I hope they do an online site asap. :(

Lydia said...

Hey Lu,
how kind of you!! I will consider asking your little favors from time to time, when I run out of stuff or when I really lust some of the lovely makeup you have in the UK!
I love your Sunset inspired looks. That line around your eye that you created, did you use the colors in the palette and the elf liner sealer?
The palette really has so many great colors, but I thik I will skip it and Graphite too. If I look at all my palettes I'm sure I have those colors ahah...
I'd really love to have the Curious one, but I guess I'll have to wait until they will stock the LE on the upcoming online store. :S

As for the other palettes, so far I own the Acid one and the Storm one. Storm is definitly a must have! Perfect mix of neutrals, browns, and even smokey colors! It is very versatile. The Acid is also useful when you want to play around with colors. I lvoe the green and the hot pink color there, as well as the blue shades!

Anonymous said...

HI Lu :) You're pretty too!! Awesome Blog! :) :)
Thanks for being kind to me :) Take care :)

Lu said...

@Shifa, Thanks, cool I think i'll be checking out Storm or original next.

@Lina (that's a beautiful name btw) Thanks, and hope you like it if you get one

@Chammy I don't know what it is but I tend to go for warmer colours which might be *wrong* cuz i'm so pale but I like golds/bronzes and warm pinks etc. Though I don't like cold jewelery, only Silver so that's weird lol! Oh and stick the makeup you can't afford now on your birthday or crimbo list! :)

@Bicky, Awww :( Sleek Makeup site lists their Stockists so you could check if there is another one near to you. My town has two Superdrugs but only one of them stocks Sleek.

@Lydia Sure, feel free to ask in the future :) And thanks for the advice about the Storm palletes, I defo want Storm now!

@Xenia Aww thanks :) Take care too. x

Lu said...

oh i forgot to say

@Lydia Yes I just used the colours in the Sleek Palette to creat the look. The red line in the second picture is the red colour next to the black in the palette and I just used an eyeliner brush to put it on like eyeliner. I did not use any sealer though, but that sounds like a good idea! x

Lilee said...

nice blog! the last eye is my fave!

Kat said...

Nice review, i got the Graphite pallet for a friend for her birthday (just because it seemed quite inexpensive). But now it seems i'll have to go out and get my own one. :D

Lu said...

@Lilee Thankyou, the 2nd eye is my fave too :)

@kat Hi and thanks for the comment and follow :) Yeah the price is great for so many diff colours

Lipstick on the cup said...

This palette looks so pretty! Great eye makeups :))

Lu said...

@Lipstick. Yeah, it's my first Sleek palette and it is really pretty, i'm really impressed. And thanks for the compliment :) x

Pyxiee said...

This is a great EOTD =) I like the coloured liner =) Your photos came out much more true to life than my flash-happy camera! Thanks for following me x

Tink in My Closet said...

What an adorable colour palette.. Your makeup is so creative and chic!

Sher said...

So pretty, I love how your eye-makeup was inspired by the sunset:) Great variety in the eye-palette too!

Phyllis said...

so pretty, love the shimmers

Small Town Gal said...

I adore the Sunset palette! I haven't swatched mine yet (only got it yesterday), instead I have been opening it up while sat at the computer so I can keep looking at it, Lol!

I've got Storm and Original too, and they're definitely worth every penny and more!

Lydia - unfortunately I don't think the website are going to be stocking the Limited Editions :( I would have loved Curious as well, but missed out.

Small Town Gal said...

I forgot to say, thank you for sharing your looks, as much as I lusted after the palette I've been struggling to think of ways to use it because I've never used red or bright orange on my eyes before. You've given me some ideas :D

audrey said...

so pretty makeup on your eyes, that's so creative, i love it<3

Lu said...

@Pyx The coloured liner is just colours from the pallette applied with an eyeliner brush. And thanks for following me too :)

@Tink *blush* Thanks tink, that means alot coming from you as your's is one of my fave ever blogs!

@Sher Yeah I think sunset colours are so pretty so I googled some images and just tried to match some of the colours to my eyes.

@Phyllis, Thanks, yeah i love shimmers too :)

@SmallTownGal Cool I reckon Storm will be my next one :) And np for sharing my looks, I don't exactly go round wearing bright reds and oranges alot either, this was just abit of fun for a Sunset inspired look. I usually stick with pinks/golds/bronzes but it's fun to change things up now and again. I did both looks on different eyes though so I couldn't go out like that lol!

@audrey Thanks for the lovely comment :)

Cake Girl said...

o0o0oh wow!!! I really want to play with those colours!!!

Your eyes just look fabulous x

Sarah said...

I LOVE the Sleek palettes, the quality is amazing!! I have the Storm palette (sent to me by a very lovely UK blogger).

The colours in this one are all so beautiful and I love the looks you created :)

Lu said...



Thanks for the comments girls.

I really do love the colours and the bright eyes are not something I wear often but I just love sunset colours! x

Connie De Alwis said...

That's a gorgeous palette! That orange is insanely beautiful. I've read so much about Sleek palettes. unfortunately, they're not available in Malaysia.

Great looks you've created with the palette :D

Lu said...

@Connie, oh it's a shame you can't get the palette's where you are. There might be UK bloggers who would do a makeup swap with you. x

Lu said...

wow ... what amazing colors!