Monday, 6 July 2009

Helen Rochfort Handbags

Helen Rochfort of is a British Designer and her bags are so cutsie! I recently got my first one for my birthday (after longing after one for ages!) They have stockists worldwide or you can just purchase via the website as they appear to ship worldwide. Shipping is FREE in the U.K. too so that was a bonus!

Prices vary, depending on which sort of bag you were after but here is the Tote bag I own and a pic of me with it below:

I love it! It's nice and roomy but not too big! They are great for Uni/college too as you can fit your A4 size folders in! It will also make a really cute 'going away for a weekend' type bag. My fashion sense is probably what you would call 'alternative' (lol) and i love all things cute, kitsch and unique and Helen Rochfort handbags fit the bill on all three.

Her vintage style 'frame' handbags are very special indeed and i'm currently obsessing over this one:

Eat me/Drink me handbag £69

I love how the front AND back are decorated on all the frame handbags - so cute! I am also loving her '99 Flake Ice cream' designs and her new fairytale-inspired 'ONCE UPON A TIME COLLECTION' with 'Alice' and Red Riding Hood' being my favourites:

'99' - £69 Alice - £69 Red Riding Hood -£69

The price tags are higher than your average high-street handbag but well worth it if you want cute arm-candy that will make you stand out in a crowd. They are good quality too so they are great investments. Also, there is a HRH (Helen Rochfort Handbag) 'CLUB' page where you can email in a picture of yourself with a HRH and you can get put up on the website. There's one of me up now - i'm famous lol!

L. xXx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

My first blog post

Hi future blog peeps (since no-one is following at the moment hehe).

Well here goes. I thought it appropriate to start my new blog with a new product which is:

E.l.f.'s 'Eyebrow Kit' in Dark, which contains a coloured gel and powder which ELF claims "Creates brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined!"

This will be among a new studio line which launches in the U.K. at toward the end of July and this product will cost £3.50, which is slightly more expensive than their normal range where everything tends to cost around £1.50, but still a total bargain! This kit also comes in 'medium' and 'light' shade so you can choose one to best suit your hair colour.

The eyebrow kit itself is a sleek black compact with a mirror inside. I love it when products contain their own mirrors as i'm always losing my many little hand-held mirrors! Also contained is a double ended brush which has an angled end to help arch your brows with the gel and a normal brush end to use with the filling powder.

On the left is a pigmented dark brown coloured gel/wax which is used to define and shape your eyebrows and on the right is a medium brown shade powder which is used to set the brow gel and also to fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows.
I currently use a brown eyebrow pencil to define my eyebrows then set them with a clear 'brow gel', which is like a clear mascara and helps to tame them by keeping the hairs in place, so I am excited to try this new product as i'm hoping the powder will give a softer looking finish. I will update with pictures when i've tried it and give my verdict on it then! Remember, not everyone will need to fill in their eyebrows, it's a personal choice. Although i naturally have very dark hair, my eyebrows are abit light in comparison and i prefer them to look darker as I also think this helps to make your eyes stand out more.
Anyway, much love and will blog again soon. Fingers crossed that this has all worked!
L. xXx