Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cute Toast and Cute Sleep

Bonjour, lovelies!
Ok, so you're probably thinking: "Cute toast? How can toast be cute?!" Observe:

The Hello Kitty Toaster Cutter!

 First, use the shape to cut out the outline of the bread.
Then use the presser to cut out and imprint the details.

Then toast and serve however you like!
My personal favourite is toast with slices of cucumber and tomatoes.

And voilĂ , cute toast! If you click on the pic it goes bigger :)
 Perfect to brighten up your mornings or for kids or for Hello Kitty fans in general.
It's very quick and easy to use.

I actually usually have my toast burnt. I love burnt toast for some reason! And I want to say, I do like Hello Kitty, but I'm not one of those nutters who have to have absolutely everything Hello Kitty from underwear to pajamas to jewellery to tattoos etc! I only have a few Hello Kitty things, honest lol!

So now you'll probably be like: "Ok, I can see how toast can be cute, but how can sleep be cute?". Observe again:

The Panda 'Sleep Eye Mask'
*£6.36 is kind of a weird price though, right?

It comes with two ear hooks as I think it is designed for when you are travelling trains/planes etc. But I bought it for sleeping at night as I don't sleep well with light in the room (or noise).

I attached my own length of elastic so that it would stay on better at night and it works. Just make sure the length is long enough so that it won't be majorly tight around your head otherwise you'll be uncormfortable. It also has a flap at the bottom to block out light that would come in around the nose area.

 And just for a it is in action:

It really works and i've been waking up less early in the mornings now which i'm grateful for. Panda pajamas are from Primark btw ;)

Also, I have to rave about the site I got these from. All the stuff on is so cute! They have an amazing range of cute, quirky and kawaii things. They have alot of adoreable stationery in particular. I made my order up to £20 with some awesome stickers and bits and pieces so that I got free delivery but otherwise delivery is just £1.75. And I saw on their site today that there will be 20% off on November 1st if you use the code 'birthday' so I will be deffo going back for more cuteness then!

The only thing I would say is stuff can dissappear off the site but it doesn't always mean it's gone forever, just out of stock usually as I found out when I was waiting for the Hello Kitty Toast Cutter to come back in stock but just use the contact page and ask the staff if/when it will be back as they were helpful with me. I was going to link you to some cute sellotape I bought from there too which has cakes and sweets on etc but it's gone right now but i'm hoping it will be back. It was kinda like this but with cakes. And only £1.20!

Anyway, hope everyone has had a nice weekend and that you enjoyed my 'cute' post.

L. xXx


AbbieAndBrian said...

ahh the hello kitty toast cutter is soooo cute :)

Caz said...

i want the toast cutter
the site is perfect for christmas presents too - will definetly be purchasing!!

Anonymous said...

awwww yay!! This post made me squeal LOL so cute cute CUTE :D Perfect thing to cheer me up since I have the Sunday bluuuues (Tomorrow is my dreaded "URGH MONDAY" situation ;)

Thanks for the heads up on the site! Looks MARVY. Cute toast and deffo a cute eyemask!

and O M G. Your jammies are so adorable! Wooo for cute sleepwear! xxx

Lu said...

@abbie, Ya it is :) I actually got it cuz ages ago my bf cut my toast into a Hello Kitty shape as a wee suprise and I thought it was so cute. So i searched the internet and found the cutter. Damn, if it didn't already exist we could have marketed it and became rich hehe!

@caz hehe yeah they defo have a lot of things which would be good for gifts like in the homeware section. If you can wait til November 1st there's 20% off!

@Chammy, I thought you'd like that site cuz u love cute thing and art hehe! I actually saw something which reminded me of you, i'll link it on twitter :)

Oh and artbox do cute sleepwear too! x

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

aww I love this! I have a toasted shaped like hello kitty and it outs her image on the toast haha! I need to find this in america...

Lu said...

@sparkling I've seen that, it's cute but at least with the cutter you can use it to make biscuits/sandwhiches too :) I had a hard time getting it here too, try ebay! x

Sher said...

aww, I love these! They're so adorable, Hello Kitty stuff is the cutest!!

Lu said...

I gave my blog a make over!:)

Hope you like?

Just testing the comments. x

Stella said...

i looove the eye mask- its so cute. i saw a hello kitty one in H&M, it also had ears and everything:) but it was too tight and couldnt adjust:/
so i'll probably get the panda one!

i dont know how your blog looked like before the makeover but now its adorable, girlie and easy to follow:)


Lu said...

@Sher thanks for the comment :)

@Stella, ahh cool, I havn't been to H&M for awhile, will have a looksie next time i'm in. And thanks for saying you like my blog now, really pleased. It had a black and white background before but the left column was so thin that It wouldn't fit 2 photos side by side so i've changed the whole blog completely and now it does woo :) Lovin the new pastel colours (even if i do say so myself :D )

Lu. x

Lauren ♥ said...

I Tagged you on my blog (: x

Lu said...

@Lauren, thanks so much hun. I've got a couple tags to catch up on, i'll let you know when i've done them :) x

Lisa Drives A Van said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwww all so cute!!!!!!

Diane said...

awww...much love for hello kitty!

SugarAndSpice said...

I will defietly be purchasing off that website for christmas pressies .. its great!! The toast cutter is sooo cute!! <3


x <3 x

Lu said...





Thanks for the comments girlies, ya it is very cute and i'm glad some of you will be purchasing from there for christmas, the site is so cute! x

Amy Antoinette said...

Oh my, that Hello Kitty toaster cutter is the sweetest thing! Have to buy one! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

@Amy Ya, i'm gonna buy another one this crimbo actually as a gift for my niece :)

@Anon. Hi, thanks. And hello to you in Greece. x