Thursday, 8 October 2009

Crazy for Daisies - My first FOTD

Hello to all my wonderful followers (I can't believe I have 89 already, thanks so much peeps! I ♥ you all).

Daisies are one of my favourite flowers as they are so simple and grow by themselves amongst grass and weeds and still manage to be pretty. I remember a few years ago I saw a girl walk past with daisy earrings and I've wanted some ever since! Well I finally got round to it and bought these from ebay a couple of weeks ago. I think they were only about £3!

Cute, huh?

So i wore them today with daisy-inspired makeup. I was aiming for a more wearable version of this as, when I saw it, the eye makeup reminded me of daisies.:

Here is my overall effort:

And now the details:

Products used
  • L'oreal 'Studio Secrets' smoothing resurfacing primer (will feature in an upcoming post).
  • MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation in shade 100-Fair dotted over blemishes
  • Gosh - Touch Up Concealer under eyes in shade 1.
  • Prestige SkinLoving Minerals Mineral Powder Foundation in shade 01-Fair and 'Gentle Finish'. I usually use BareEscentuals mineral powder foundation in 'Fairly Light' but have ran out recently and Prestige is my drugstore (cheaper) equivalent!
  • The Body Shop Brilliance Powder in the bronze shade dusted over cheeks, forehead etc as a highlighter.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (only recently got this and LOVE it (will feature in an upcoming post)
  • BeautyUk -Yellow eyeshadow from the number '2' palette - (The bright palette) on the inner corners of the eye
  • Barry M DazzleDust no# '76 - Yellow' blended on the lid to the outer corners
  • Barry M DazzleDust no# '12 - White' from crease up to the brow as a highlighter.
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eye Lines in 'Black' flicked out at the corner of the eyes to get the 'cat eye' effect.
  • Virgin Vie "Dream Lashes' Volumising Mascara
  • E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit to darken and define eyebrows in shade 'dark'.

Lips: Originally used:

  • Maybelline's 112 - Ambre Rose lipstick but felt it wasn't light enough for the overal look I so applied:
  • L'oreal Glam Shine MoonLight in 101 - 'Pink Moon' over the top, which is a really nice light pink.

Earrings are from ebay (I can link you to the seller if you wanted) and the Daisy hair clip is from Primark.

And there you have it. My first Face of the Day (FOTD). I'm kinda scared you'll all hate it as it's my first FOTD and the liquid eyeliner was a nightmare! But i tried and I'm learning :) Areas I still struggle with are covering blemishes and eyeliner! Any comments or tips welcome!

Also, It looks better in real life than it does in the photos. The white shade is a lot more visible in real life but didn't show up very well in the photos. And sorry about the lines on my face in the photos, it's the shadows from the window blinds! I look like some sort of crazy zebra-girl lol! I'll have to learn how to use my camera better.

PS. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I had been staying at relatives for a few months but I am finally back home and back to all my own things and my MAKEUP. Although I bought quite a lot while I was away too.....oops ;) So I plan to blog more regularly now anyway.

Oh and here is a Daisy mirror-compact that I have (it's from Next but I got it ages ago). If I like something, I always tend to collect little bits and pieces related to it. For example, if I start liking 'cupcakes', I'll buy cupcake mirrors, cupcake accessories, cupcake towels etc. Then the next week I'm like..."oooh I like Cherries" i start buying mirrors with cherries on, bags with cherries on, cherry accessories etc. Then I'll see a rainbow and be like "Oooh that's nice"....and start buying rainbow things......AND SO ON.

So, What do you think of my daisy-inspired look and do you start collecting jewellery and items related to things you like lol?

L. xXx


Katy Wilko said...

I love the look! really nice and bright for these dull days we've been having!

Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Ooh i love it! Love the inspiration, and the daisy clip is so cute :). xo

Lu said...

Awww thanks so much girls for the nice comments. I feel relieved :D

@katy yeah I quite like to experiment with brighter colours. Maybe it's not suitable for work etc but it makes me happy wearing it out and about hehe. x

@Emma Thanks I had two of those clips from Primark and the first one broke so I'm having to treat this one very carefully cuz I love it hehe. I also have them in black. Primark rocks for cute cheap things (although they break easily lol :/ ). x

Lipglossiping said...

I think it looks lovely! Super cute with the daisies!

Lu said...

@lipglossiping. Thanks v much! Gosh it feels so nice to get nice comments, blogspot = ♥


Lydia said...

That's a really nice picture!
You should do that more often, and you've done an amazing job with your eyeliner!

very very pretty, and the whole flower-inspired concept is gorgeous! I love it, and I love flowers!!!
and I'm the same way as you are. When I liked ladybugs I bought tons of stuff with ladybugs, I like flowers and I buy anything flowery...

Rosa Adores... said...

you look lovely! and your eyeliner is perfect, i dont think you have anything to worry about! :)

Lu said...

@Lydia Thanks! Hehe, I have loadsa different themes that I like. I still like that all but it just means that I have too many mirrors or bags etc just so they have a different picture on lol. x

@Rosa Thankyou Rosa:) I'm glad cuz the eyeliner took ages. I usually use black loose powder and an eyeliner brush but wanted the extra blackness of liquid eyeliner. Tricky to apply though! x

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Lu, got some good news for you, please pop over to My Passport to Style, think you will be super pleased!!! Also could'n't resist joining your gorgeous and very useful blog. As a Image Consultant, Im always looking for the latest beauty tips to share with my clients,when I transform their look! Sharon xxoo

Lu said...

@Sharon I saw thanks! Got in and saw Laurens blog and I'm very happy to have won a prize, the makeup bag is gorgeous, thanks so much!

I did this Daisy look yesterday and then ran out to the garden to take photos of my shoes for your comp hehe. It was sunny but cold.


Sher said...

Oh this is such a gorgeous post! I love daisies and I think you did a great job with the daisies inspired makeup look:)

Congrats too on your Heels that Heal contest!

Lipstick on the cup said...

You look fab! Great job :)

Elise said...

Fantastic post !

Wendy said...

I love it! And you really pull off the yellow!

You won an award on my site! :) Yay!

Katy Wilko said...

I gave you an award on my blog :)

Lu said...

Thanks Sher, lipstick and elise fo the lovely comments! And thanks to Wendy and Katy for my awards! I will get round to them evenutually hehe. x