Sunday, 3 January 2010

Some Seriously Cute Sales Purchases

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2010!

I've been staying at my bf's parents for awhile over the Holidays and I'm still here so that's why I haven't been able to blog as I haven't got much of my own stuff with me.

Now on to the cute stuff!

I never used to be the type who got up early to go shopping on Boxing Day. But since I became a 'Lush' fanatic two years ago, I have been up bright and early on boxing day to head down to Lush to get a bargain in their Boxing Day sale. I did get lots of lovely Lush but this post is dedicated to the other sale items I picked up afterwards when I went to Accessorize and Next for their HALF PRICE (or less!) sales!

First up is this purse (or could be used as a make-up bag) which I absolutely LOVE!

It's was £4 reduced from £8 from Accessorize.
 It's very 'me' as I love multi-coloured, patchwork and unique looking items and I really adore this.

This cute Russian Doll coin purse was £3.50 reduced from £7 from Accessorize.
I have a thing for Russian Dolls and I thought this was very sweet.

Similarly, I thought these cutsie stickers were a bargain at just 75p reduced from £1.50 from Accessorize.

This pretty bow ring was just £2.50 reduced from £5 from Accessorize and I love it.

Next is the items I got from Next (lol).

This Russian Doll Hot Water Bottle was £4 reduced from £10 from Next.
I think she's lovely and I got it because it's a mini hot-water bottle (around 25x18 cm) as I find normal size hot-water bottles can feel pretty heavy on your stomach when full with water so this is a lovely smaller size. I saw a very similar Pink Russian Doll HWB in Accessorize after which was probably a little nicer though.

This Christmas stocking caught my eye. It was £10 reduced from £20 from Next.
It's very shabby-chic and I'd been after a pretty stocking for a while so I'm very happy with this. I would've paid £10 for the stocking alone but this actually contained a pyjama set (as pictured) so I got some nice red PJ's as a bonus!

And last, but certainly not least, is this little guy which I'm crazy about:

An Owl tape measure! He was £3 reduced from £6 from Next.
His left wing pulls out as the tape measure and there is a button on his back which you press to wind the tape measure back in. I like to measure things to give people more info for my blog and this little fellow will put a smile on my face every time I measure from now on :)

I do think both Accessorize and Next have a lot of overpriced items to start with but that their sales can be a great way to get them for less money. I  think the quality of their stuff is fabulous though and if you have the patience to shop in the sales then it can be a great way to buy next year's Christmas presents (or decorations) for half price! But the queue in NEXT was UNREAL. Still, I waited paitiently cuz no way was I going home without my owl tape measure!

Did anyone else brave the Boxing Day (or New Year) sales?