Tuesday, 17 November 2009

E.L.F. Haul - New Studio Line products


I just thought I'd show you some quick pics of my recent ELF haul from http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ incase any of you were thinking about buying some of their new products or any of their new studio line. Before I buy things I always like to get as much info as I can about stuff so I always google to try to find pictures or swatches or measurements first and I find that ELF don't give sizes or state the contents of liquid in mls etc so I thought this post may help.

I won't be doing any reviews in this post as I plan to review most of it separately and I've only just got them so haven't played with them yet!

So here is what £33 of ELF looks like:

(It is free delivery for spending over £30).

And now for the closeups and some info:

This is the new 'Daily Brush Cleanser'- £3.50 and the 'Brush Shampoo - £3.50 from ELF's new Studio Line.

The 'Daily Brush Cleanser' is 250ml (quite big!) while the Brush Shampoo is 120ml. And these are both anti-bacterial which is why I bought them.

I will review these at a later point. I've never tried brush shampoos or cleanser before so i'm excited!

Here is the new 'Eyeshadow C Brush' - £3.50  from the Studio Line.and one of their normal 'Eyeshadow Brushes' -£1.50. Then also the  'Blending Eye Brush' - £1.50 but it seems to be in the wrong packet as the packet says 'Lip Defining Brush' but it is the correct brush inside. Then on the right is the 'Eye Widener' - £1.50 which is basically a white eyeliner to apply in the corner of the eyes to make the eye appear wider! The lid of this is also a sharpener which is cool.

I already have a normal ELF 'Eyeshadow Brush' so this was a spare but I am planning on ordering some equivalent MAC brushes online to compare these cheaper ELF ones to the expensive MAC ones but the MAC brushes have been out of stock for so long! So when they get back in stock I will review and compare all of these brushes.

This is the 'High Definition Powder' - £6 for 8g which ELF claims "creates a soft focus effect to the skin and masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion." Sounds exciting! The powder itself looks white but applies sheer and I plan to test it as a setting powder for my foundation.

This is the stuff I can't wait to try!

Mineral Infused Face Primer - £6 for 14g

Eyelid Primer - £1.50 for 5ml

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - £3.00 for 4.5g

I'm planning to review all these in an upcoming primer post and compare the new ELF eyeshadow primers to the famous Urban Decay Primer potion (which I love). I wonder if these will be any good!

And finally, here is the 'Elements Custom Compact' - £1.50

This is designed to fit ELF eyhadows/blushers/lip pans......BUT.........I have seen online that these are also a perfect fit for MAC eyeshadow pans! So, as I plan on making my first MAC order soon, I got this compact to put my first future MAC eyeshadow pan in as the MAC palletes are alot more expensive than just £1.50 for this one! And this ELF one is small, portable and includes a mirror (unlike MAC).

And there we have it. Any questions about sizes/amounts etc etc then just ask. There is also http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ for international beauty lovers.

Do you already have any of these or plan to?

L. xXx


Small Town Gal said...

I'm after many of the brushes, and the brush cleasner and shampoo so can't wait to see your thoughts on those!

I got the HD powder through today, and excitedly put it on over the top of the make up I already had straight away! So far, LOVE it! It's made my pores look smaller, and really set the foundation I had on (which is awful for not setting). It looks soooo smooth and feels silky :D

Pyxiee said...

I am really wanting to place an elf order. Who am I kidding to wait until next month? haha x

Lu said...


Cool, I only got mine through today too but havn't used it but I've had a good look at it all. I pumped the Face primer on my hand though and that feels really nice!

Glad that your loving the HD powder. That was one thing I was unsure about getting but I just thought 'ah why not', might aswell try it lol! x

Lu said...


Well I had been waiting for a free delivery code to place my order, so I waited for awhile til they gave one out the other day, then I ended up spending over £30 which wouldve given me free delivery anyway lol! So i needn;t have waited but never mind. They do free delivery quite abit when they reach new 'fan numbers' in facebook but the codes don't last long :-/ x

Small Town Gal said...

LOL! I waited for the free postage code on Facebook too ;) I only placed a small order as I am supposed to be good before Christmas (eek), so I only got the HD powder, a nail polish and the studio powder brush. It was the HD powder I was really after though!

I'm tempted by the primer, but determined to use up the GOSH primer I have first, seeing as my make up collection is getting bigger each day since I found Mu blogs.

Pyxiee said...

Exactly the same as me, but now I've ordered £32.50 so don't need a code. Haha. Thanks for showing the sizes I was a bit unsure but ordered now =) x

Lu said...

@SMT, I already have the Loreal face primer which i've only used once before i got this elf 1 lol! I just like to try a range and compare before I decide. I don't spend very often at all so I thought i'd treat myself. Although I'm gonna be spending quite abit for my first Mac order but after that I will go back down to not much spending (hopefully!)

Now I want to try the gosh primer too lol! Might just pump some on my hand next time i go past a gosh bit though.

And thanks for the comments peeps :) x

Lu said...



No probs, that's why I did this post as ELF don't mention how many mls/grams there stuff is so it can be dissapointing to order something only to find it alot smaller than you expected!

The daily brush cleanser is bigger than I expected but the shampoo is abit smaller than I would've thought (probably cuz it's used less often though). xXx

Lydia said...

I can't wait to read the full reviews about these products!

hey did you change your layout? it's lovely!!!

Lu said...

Hi Lydia,

I can't wait to try out these products either :D

My layout - I will look for the site I used and post it on your profile in a min. It's sort of a 'design your own' layout site. Quite tricky but I got there in the end! xXx

Daisy said...

Ooh brilliant buys! So many too, I love it! I love how much you get for £33.

I really want to try and brush cleaner so do let me know if its any good!


Lu said...


Ya the price is what's so great about Elf!

Will try these things out soon, i think it's time for my first ever brush wash! Lol that sounds minky but I havn't been using brushes THAT long. I hardly have any either so it won't take long hehe.

Will defo get back to you :) x

Connie De Alwis said...

neat haul! I'm considering to get the brush cleaner and the HD powder. looking forward to your reviews :)

Sher said...

Whoa, that's a major haul, Lu! Can't wait to read your reviews!! Hmm, I'm looking for some new make up especially dark red lipstick. I'm kinda inclined to MAC nowadays lol:P

Lu said...

@Connie Cool i'll try to review these soon for everyone :)

@Sher I know you get alot for your money from Elf hehe. I'm really looking forward to trying Mac, The website just needs to hurry up and get the brushes I want in stock so I can make my first order!


rhaindropz said...

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Anonymous said...

ooooooo I has the HD powder.. still 'testing' it out, but so far so good!

love love love how descriptive you are with each & every product (pricing..sizes of the items) it's dead helpful Lu! <3

patukiii said...

That's a nice haul! Look how many products for only 33pounds! is great! I really want to try the HD powder,and the brush cleaner.
I can't wait!

Lu said...

@Jules I've only used the HD powder once so far. It made me look like a Ghost lol! It just made me look quite white and chalky and seemed to cling on to every little hair etc so I'll need to find a way to stop that happening otherwise it seems to be no good for me doh :(

@Patukiii. Yeah ELF is great value for money. I like the daily brush cleanser. The shampoo doesn't seem to be that special really. I will do a brush cleaning post soon. x

Mara said...

I'm in love with E.L.F! Price is just so great and I cannot wait to get more of their stuff! Thank you for posting your haul!

Lovely blog too!


Lu said...

@Mara. Yeah I think the price is just so great, you can get some really great products for cheap! x