Thursday, 29 October 2009

The new Sleek "Sunset" Palette and Sunset EOTD

Introducing the newest member of my makeup family; the beautiful 'Sunset' Palette from Sleek Makeup:

This is my first ever Sleek Palette and I picked it up from Superdrug yesterday for £4.87 (bargain!)
I've heard so much about Sleek Palettes on all the beauty blogs and they seem firm favourites with everyone as they are mineral based, pigmented and super affordable! The Sunset Palette is new to the range. The permanent sleek palettes are Original, Storm, Chaos, Sunset, Acid while the Limited Editions include Safari, Jewels, Graphite & Curious. I saw the new  LE Graphite palette yesterday which everyone is currently raving about also and while it was nice, I wear alot of pinks and golds/bronzes so Sunset seemed the perfect choice for my first palette. So here are some close-ups for your viewing pleasure:

With Flash

Without Flash
 (I would say this is a more accurate representation of the colours)


The colours are all have a sparkly finish with the exception of the black which is matte.
That was my first ever attempt at doing swatches and it went a bit wonky sorry, lol!

I thought I would try to create some 'Sunset' inspired eyeshadow looks and here are my attempts. I hope you enjoy.

Do you own any Sleek Palettes, which one's your favourite?

L. xXx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween fun - Vampire Kitty

Here is the look I did for Sarah's Halloween competition here. Follow her, she's lovely :)

I saw Benefit's Coralista in the prize pile and HAD to enter! I'd do just about anything to get my hands on Coralista, including prancing about dressed as a Vampire Cat lol  :) I pray the neighbours didn't see me!

I had SO much fun doing this look and thought the results were too cute not to share so here are some photos from various stages:

                        False eyelashes                                                                   Smokey eyes

I actually think this look by itself is very wearable (minus the bushy eyebrows which were brushed up with mascara. Though I decided to change the lip colour below. Now for the 'cat-ification':

Pink nose, whiskers and blood stains

                          Cattitude!                                             Nice kitty (and that's my Emily Strange hoody)

                             Rawrrrr!                                                                    Vampire kitty ♥ blood

                                                             Outfit of the night - haha!
I ♥ my ear hoodies, I have loads!

             Kitty in the night garden                                                              Stalking prey


       On the prowl

                                                                   Bedtime for kitty

This was my first ever attempt at smokey eyes and false eyelashes and I LOVE them both. Will defo be rocking this look more. Minus the bushy eyebrows, pink nose, whiskers and blood of course!

Ps. I reached 100 followers! I am so happy! Thanks so much to each and every follower and for those who have ever taken the time to read, browse or comment. I havn't done that many posts but blogspot and the community has come to mean a lot to me, I LOVE interacting with you all!

And shoutout to my 100th follower, Sophie (I can't click through to your profile otherwise I would have thanked you on there!).

Meow. xXx
Products used:

MaXFactor 'Lasting Perfomance' in shade 100 to cover blemishes.
Prestige 'Skinlovin Mineral Powder' in shade Fair
Body Shop brilliance powder in Bronze to contour cheeks

UDPP as base
A Primark/Opia pigment in grey/silver (no name) on eyelid
A Primark/Opia pigment in black (no name) in crease
E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow in 'Seductive' on outer V
The white from an Avon 'eye artist' trio under brow as a highlight.
Mascara- MaXFactor "S-T-R-E-T-C-H"
E.L.F. False Eyelashes in 'Dramatic' with Ruby&Millie 'iLash Fix' glue
E.L.F. Liquid liner in Black, winged for a cat eye effect
BodyShop Black eyeliner on waterline

Cat Makeup-
E.L.F. lipliner in 'Natural Blush' to draw the cat nose outline.
E.L.F. Nail Polish in Gum Pink brushed to fill in the outline. Leave until nearly dry.
Barry M Dazzle Dust #58 "Candy" patted over the nail varnish for the light pink colour
Whiskers: Body shop eyeliner in black
Blood: Stargazer Lip Gloss in Red (SO pigmented!)
Lips: Gosh Darling
Nails: 17 Fast Finish polish in 'Nightshade'

Outfit: Emily The Strange Classic Kitty Hoodie
Black sparkly jeans from George at Asda
Black Slouch boots from a randomn shoe shop

And of you have time, make a tail from opaque black tights stuffed with newspaper and safety-pin it on.

Any questions about the products used etc then just ask.

Meow. xXx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cute Toast and Cute Sleep

Bonjour, lovelies!
Ok, so you're probably thinking: "Cute toast? How can toast be cute?!" Observe:

The Hello Kitty Toaster Cutter!

 First, use the shape to cut out the outline of the bread.
Then use the presser to cut out and imprint the details.

Then toast and serve however you like!
My personal favourite is toast with slices of cucumber and tomatoes.

And voilĂ , cute toast! If you click on the pic it goes bigger :)
 Perfect to brighten up your mornings or for kids or for Hello Kitty fans in general.
It's very quick and easy to use.

I actually usually have my toast burnt. I love burnt toast for some reason! And I want to say, I do like Hello Kitty, but I'm not one of those nutters who have to have absolutely everything Hello Kitty from underwear to pajamas to jewellery to tattoos etc! I only have a few Hello Kitty things, honest lol!

So now you'll probably be like: "Ok, I can see how toast can be cute, but how can sleep be cute?". Observe again:

The Panda 'Sleep Eye Mask'
*£6.36 is kind of a weird price though, right?

It comes with two ear hooks as I think it is designed for when you are travelling trains/planes etc. But I bought it for sleeping at night as I don't sleep well with light in the room (or noise).

I attached my own length of elastic so that it would stay on better at night and it works. Just make sure the length is long enough so that it won't be majorly tight around your head otherwise you'll be uncormfortable. It also has a flap at the bottom to block out light that would come in around the nose area.

 And just for a it is in action:

It really works and i've been waking up less early in the mornings now which i'm grateful for. Panda pajamas are from Primark btw ;)

Also, I have to rave about the site I got these from. All the stuff on is so cute! They have an amazing range of cute, quirky and kawaii things. They have alot of adoreable stationery in particular. I made my order up to £20 with some awesome stickers and bits and pieces so that I got free delivery but otherwise delivery is just £1.75. And I saw on their site today that there will be 20% off on November 1st if you use the code 'birthday' so I will be deffo going back for more cuteness then!

The only thing I would say is stuff can dissappear off the site but it doesn't always mean it's gone forever, just out of stock usually as I found out when I was waiting for the Hello Kitty Toast Cutter to come back in stock but just use the contact page and ask the staff if/when it will be back as they were helpful with me. I was going to link you to some cute sellotape I bought from there too which has cakes and sweets on etc but it's gone right now but i'm hoping it will be back. It was kinda like this but with cakes. And only £1.20!

Anyway, hope everyone has had a nice weekend and that you enjoyed my 'cute' post.

L. xXx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Crazy for Daisies - My first FOTD

Hello to all my wonderful followers (I can't believe I have 89 already, thanks so much peeps! I ♥ you all).

Daisies are one of my favourite flowers as they are so simple and grow by themselves amongst grass and weeds and still manage to be pretty. I remember a few years ago I saw a girl walk past with daisy earrings and I've wanted some ever since! Well I finally got round to it and bought these from ebay a couple of weeks ago. I think they were only about £3!

Cute, huh?

So i wore them today with daisy-inspired makeup. I was aiming for a more wearable version of this as, when I saw it, the eye makeup reminded me of daisies.:

Here is my overall effort:

And now the details:

Products used
  • L'oreal 'Studio Secrets' smoothing resurfacing primer (will feature in an upcoming post).
  • MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation in shade 100-Fair dotted over blemishes
  • Gosh - Touch Up Concealer under eyes in shade 1.
  • Prestige SkinLoving Minerals Mineral Powder Foundation in shade 01-Fair and 'Gentle Finish'. I usually use BareEscentuals mineral powder foundation in 'Fairly Light' but have ran out recently and Prestige is my drugstore (cheaper) equivalent!
  • The Body Shop Brilliance Powder in the bronze shade dusted over cheeks, forehead etc as a highlighter.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (only recently got this and LOVE it (will feature in an upcoming post)
  • BeautyUk -Yellow eyeshadow from the number '2' palette - (The bright palette) on the inner corners of the eye
  • Barry M DazzleDust no# '76 - Yellow' blended on the lid to the outer corners
  • Barry M DazzleDust no# '12 - White' from crease up to the brow as a highlighter.
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eye Lines in 'Black' flicked out at the corner of the eyes to get the 'cat eye' effect.
  • Virgin Vie "Dream Lashes' Volumising Mascara
  • E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit to darken and define eyebrows in shade 'dark'.

Lips: Originally used:

  • Maybelline's 112 - Ambre Rose lipstick but felt it wasn't light enough for the overal look I so applied:
  • L'oreal Glam Shine MoonLight in 101 - 'Pink Moon' over the top, which is a really nice light pink.

Earrings are from ebay (I can link you to the seller if you wanted) and the Daisy hair clip is from Primark.

And there you have it. My first Face of the Day (FOTD). I'm kinda scared you'll all hate it as it's my first FOTD and the liquid eyeliner was a nightmare! But i tried and I'm learning :) Areas I still struggle with are covering blemishes and eyeliner! Any comments or tips welcome!

Also, It looks better in real life than it does in the photos. The white shade is a lot more visible in real life but didn't show up very well in the photos. And sorry about the lines on my face in the photos, it's the shadows from the window blinds! I look like some sort of crazy zebra-girl lol! I'll have to learn how to use my camera better.

PS. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I had been staying at relatives for a few months but I am finally back home and back to all my own things and my MAKEUP. Although I bought quite a lot while I was away too.....oops ;) So I plan to blog more regularly now anyway.

Oh and here is a Daisy mirror-compact that I have (it's from Next but I got it ages ago). If I like something, I always tend to collect little bits and pieces related to it. For example, if I start liking 'cupcakes', I'll buy cupcake mirrors, cupcake accessories, cupcake towels etc. Then the next week I'm like..."oooh I like Cherries" i start buying mirrors with cherries on, bags with cherries on, cherry accessories etc. Then I'll see a rainbow and be like "Oooh that's nice"....and start buying rainbow things......AND SO ON.

So, What do you think of my daisy-inspired look and do you start collecting jewellery and items related to things you like lol?

L. xXx