Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bright Tights

Hola Chicas!

I don't wear skirts or dresses all that often, but when I do I usually always wear tights (just nude or black). So when I saw lots of coloured tights in Primark, I decided to purchase pretty much all of the colour range as they are so cheap and can really inject some colour into outfits (and you can use them to accessorise colours ie with your bag or earrings).

I got Lilac, Cobalt, Turquoise, Floral, Khaki, Green, Wine, Red and Pink. They are all Opaque and quite thick (50 denier) so they do keep your legs warm (ish). Green, Turquoise and Lilac were half price at just 50p each! The rest were £1 each except the floral ones which were £4.

  Coloured tights parade time!
(you can click on the pics if you want them bigger)

                            Lilac                                                                                 Cobalt







Floral from the side (they are seamed)


My verdict:

I think 'Pink' and 'Cobalt' are perhaps too bright to work with for daily outfits for ME. I'd prefer them for glam nights out with glitzy dresses etc. And I was quite dissapointed with the floral ones because of the seams on both sides of each leg. They look ok from the front (or back) but from the side.....hmmmmm.  At £4 for those ones I thought they'd look better.

But the rest =

Trying to decide which are my favourite. Lilac, Wine and Green are the winners for me I think, even though I did feel abit like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz in the Green tights hehe!

Next on my wishlist would be tights with hearts on like:

Which ones are your favourite?

L. xXx

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Catch up on Tags/Awards

I'd like to start by saying a combined 'Thanks!' and 'Sorry I've taken so long' to all the awesome people who have given me tags/awards for my blog :) I really do appreciate them. It's like getting a little Blog-Oscar or something :) To start us off, I was tagged by the lovely LaurenRoseParis, so here are my:

♥Winter Ins♥
Christmas Lights

                             Multi-coloured twinkly lights create such a warm and magical atmosphere.

The sound of rain on windows/roofs

I utterly love that sound. There's something I find comforting about it. Am I alone in this?

    Christmas Movies

1.Home Alone (1990)                              2.Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)                          3. A Christmas Story (1983)
1.Gotta love Kevin and his ingenious traps he lays to defend his home against burglars.
2.It's old but it's good and so magical. Lollipops that make kids fly!
3.A total classic which I'll treasure forever. Follow little Ralphie in his quest to get his perfect Christmas present which just so happens to be "an official Red Ryder Carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells the time!" So many hillarious and iconic scenes, the tongue stuck to the flagpole, the 'leg lamp', the pink bunny suit and best of all....."Oh my god I shot my eye out!".

What movies make you feel christmassy?

Cosy coats/hats

I have so many coats/hats/scarves/gloves etc. I buy loads every year but this year I decided to not buy any and show some love to my already neglected winter wardrobe :)

Winter Outs

Christmas Adverts
I know a lot of people say they love Christmas adverts and while I love the Coca Cola Christmas advert as much as the next person, I get annoyed with the rest of the Christmas ads. Nearly everything says ‘The perfect gift for christmas’ after it.  It can't all be the perfect gift for everyone can it grrrr!

Christmas Collections Selling Out
I really wanted Pearl Lowe's Red Lace Dress which was part of a new collection she designed for 'Peacocks' stores. It really reminds me of Chuck's red lace dress from Pushing Daisies (one of my favourite shows). I adore Chuck's whole wardrobe and was really excited to find a similar dress. But I got my dates mixed up for the launch day and when I went to Peacocks a couple of Days later there were none left :( They sold out within hours apparently and they are going for double (or more) the price on ebay!. Totally gutted!

              ♥ Pearl Lowe's Red Lace Dress ♥                              Chuck from Pushing Daisies

What are your Winter Ins and Outs? I tag everyone :)
Next is the 'Honest Scrap' tag/award from the lovely Wendy in which I have to tell you 10 honest things about me! So here goes:

1. I LOVE food! Kate Moss was recently under fire for saying ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. She must be eating the wrong things! There is so many wonderful foods/cuisines/tastes out there and I think it’s sad if people would rather starve than enjoy their food especially given that many people of the world are genuinely starving. Food is something we have to eat everyday, we might aswell enjoy it. I see it as a pleasure rather than a chore. Good food and tastes make me happy :)

2. I’m kinda addicted to Pizza. It might be because I was also addicted to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was younger?! On a side note – who was your favourite turtle? Mine was always Raphael. I know he’s kinda the serious one but I just loved his witty and sarcastic streak. Anyway, enough about turtles........Pizza leads me onto my next thing.

3. I kinda love Cheese! I like to try all different types and love looking at the deli bits in the supermarket. Currently loving Mexican cheese (with pepper/jalepenos in it). I know it’s bad for me...which leads me onto my next thing.

4. I’ve never been entirely  happy with my weight. I do diet but I don’t starve myself.

5. I love Disney (especially the 'Classic' range). My favourite is Beauty and the Beast. Oddly though, I don’t like ‘Chick Flicks’ but I do like fairytale romances like Disney and 'Penelope' and 'Enchanted' and Tim Burton (esque) romances like Jack&Sally, Ned and Chuck and  Romeo and Juliet!

6. I want to be a ninja! Or a spy! Or a masked Crusader. Or a Pirate! I know it’s unrealistic (duh!) but i’ve always loved stuff like that.

7. I wouldn't say I'M scared of heights but my LEGS are! It's weird, my legs physically don't work properly at heights. Even if I don't feel scared, my legs go like jelly. The worst ever is if I have to walk on see-through floors or stairs with gaps in etc. Stupid legs!

8. I can’t draw. I’m so jealous of people who can and I love art and seeing other people’s talent. Seriously, the best I can manage is stick figures. Not fair!

9. I'm too scared to learn to drive at the moment but hoping I will get round to it in the future.

10. I know I have a blog about beauty etc but I pride myself on not being ‘shallow’ or ‘superficial’ where it counts. I can see  BEYOND looks! I've seen people on twitter calling other bloggers ‘Ugly’ and to be honest, they make me sick. I'm so open-minded and understanding of all people and I hate to see people being bullied. I will always stand up for people and do the right thing, even if I’m in a minority of one! I hope that doesn’t sound too pretentious but it’s true. I'm not here to just be 'one of the popular people'.

                                                      I tag anyone who wants to be honest!
My most recent Award is the "I Love Your Blog' award which I have received at the same time from the equally fabulous Tanya and Small Town Gal and Bicky <---- Go check out their blogs!

Thanks very much girlies, much appreciated and I'm genuinely thrilled to see some people like my blog lol! I have to tag some of my fave bloggers for this award. In no particular order.

1.Laurenroseparis <----Lovely chica, pretty blog.
2.Foshoozley <-----awesome wee bud.
3.Bicky <----- Fabulous, helpful lovely blogger. I tag you back haha ;) + I also tag back the lovely Tanya. Kinda pointless but both of you just know that I love your blogs anyway hehe.
4. Tinkinmycloset <---This is one of the only fashion blogs I follow. In the words of Mcfly - "Not into fashion but I love the clothes she wears!". She's a real life Tinkerbell :)
5. StyleFashionVintageBaby <----Another blog more focused on clothes. I like her style :)
6. TheSecretDiaryofaCakeGirl <---Just recently found this girl, but I like her!
7. AliceinaNewWonderland <---Pretty and lovely Italian blogger
9. MakeUptoMakeOut <----awesome lady with cool reviews
10. RottenOtter'sThoughts <----- Friendly, lovely blogger :)

*edit There was a lot more people on this list but I've removed those who blatantly ignored me yet continued doing tags from other people. Not worth my blog space :)

I have loads more favourites (including a lot of the well known 'gurus' who you all probs follow anyway, so sorry I can't fit everyone in! I just went through the list I follow and picked out the people who I either talk or comment on their blogs most I guess. But I stalk alot of you silently hehe!

I was also award the 'Beautiful blogger award' by LaurenRoseParis and RottenOttersThoughts. Thankyou!

I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself. I can't guarantee these will interest you but here goes:

1. I've always loved animals and have been a vegetarian since I was 10.
2. I love movies and have a thing for 80's classics in particular including Labyrinth, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Ferris Bueller's Day Off etc etc. R.I.P. John Hughes!
3. I said earlier I always like to try different foods, well i’m the same with beauty products. Even if I find one that 'works', I can't help but try other things that catch my eye, just incase I'm missing out hehe!
4. I’m such a dreamer and have a wild imagination. My dreams are nearly always amazing, I can dream about flying, being in submarines, dinosaurs etc and I can smell and taste in my dreams too and i’m so grateful for it as my bf says he can't do any of that stuff in his dreams :-p
5. I love Tim Burton. I would love to live in a world created by Tim Burton.
6. I love space. I love the stars. I love the universe. I think that with ‘Space’ as infinitely big as it is, there just must be more life out there.
7. It's the 'little things' that make me happy :) Including people reading my blog. So thanks for reading guys and dolls and if you got this far then give yourselves a pat on the back and be entertained by this dancing banana! (You deserve it!)

Thanks again for the tags/awards!

I would also like to add in a BIG thankyou to Lauren, Sharon and Emma as I won a contest awhile ago which they held together and received a cute 'girl-2-go' mini makeup set and a gorgeous bow makeup bag. Thanks very much ladies!

L. xXx

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mirror Mirror...Debenhams Cream Pearl Dressing Table Mirror

Hello lovely followers!

Thought I'd share my newest purchase incase any of you were after a new mirror or wanted something pretty to stick on your Christmas List!

So here is Erikson Beamons for Debenhams "Cream Pearl Dressing Table Mirror", which I purchased on their website here for £22. I also used the code 'SHD1' to get free delivery worth £3.95 so i'm happy with that!

I was just flicking through the website and this caught my eye, I loved everything about it, the shape, the colour, the pearls etc. But upon arrival, there is only one thing I don't like about it - the size! The thing is, the measurements were actually given on the website so I feel stupid for not checking them out first so it's totally my own fault lol. So if you're about to order something, always whip out a tape measure and check the sizes to avoid dissapointment. Don't get me wrong, it's not a teeny tiny micro invisible mirror. It's absolutely fine for doing your makeup in but not your hair really (unless you have short hair I guess!). Though if you were after a beautiful make-up mirror which didn't take up much space then this may just be perfect for you!

The measurements given on the site are 29 x 18cm.

This is accurate but that's from the top of the mirror to the bottom of the stand and from either side of the silver balls. The mirror itself is a around 7 x 5 inches

My first thoughts upon seeing the box were 'Hmmmm that's quite a small box' and when I pulled the mirror out I initially felt dissappointed as the mirror was quite a bit smaller than I had imagined. However, my immediate second thought was 'Gosh it's sooooooo beautiful though, really well made!'. It's like a fairy-tale mirror!

Without flash

With flash


There seems to be a yellow tinge on the picture but the base it totally cream, no dark patches!
Initially I was in two minds about whether to keep it or return it because I was after something bigger but I've fallen in love with it, it really is stunning and it looks alot more expensive than it is. Every little pearl is perfect and it's all shiny and lovely, there is no imperfections with the mirror whatsoever. It is so pretty and it's one of those rare things that actually looks a lot better in real life than it does on the website.

The mirror can be moved and tightentened into position with the silver balls either side. And another neat feature is that the mirror can be removed from the back. So the mirror can be replaced should you ever smash it or it could actually be turned into a beautiful photo frame if you'd prefer

I haven't got a proper dressing table yet but I can imagine this looking magical on any dressing table. I plan to use something to prop it up abit though as it's not very tall.

But I guess good things sometimes do come in small packages, as they say :)

L. xXx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

E.L.F. Haul - New Studio Line products


I just thought I'd show you some quick pics of my recent ELF haul from incase any of you were thinking about buying some of their new products or any of their new studio line. Before I buy things I always like to get as much info as I can about stuff so I always google to try to find pictures or swatches or measurements first and I find that ELF don't give sizes or state the contents of liquid in mls etc so I thought this post may help.

I won't be doing any reviews in this post as I plan to review most of it separately and I've only just got them so haven't played with them yet!

So here is what £33 of ELF looks like:

(It is free delivery for spending over £30).

And now for the closeups and some info:

This is the new 'Daily Brush Cleanser'- £3.50 and the 'Brush Shampoo - £3.50 from ELF's new Studio Line.

The 'Daily Brush Cleanser' is 250ml (quite big!) while the Brush Shampoo is 120ml. And these are both anti-bacterial which is why I bought them.

I will review these at a later point. I've never tried brush shampoos or cleanser before so i'm excited!

Here is the new 'Eyeshadow C Brush' - £3.50  from the Studio Line.and one of their normal 'Eyeshadow Brushes' -£1.50. Then also the  'Blending Eye Brush' - £1.50 but it seems to be in the wrong packet as the packet says 'Lip Defining Brush' but it is the correct brush inside. Then on the right is the 'Eye Widener' - £1.50 which is basically a white eyeliner to apply in the corner of the eyes to make the eye appear wider! The lid of this is also a sharpener which is cool.

I already have a normal ELF 'Eyeshadow Brush' so this was a spare but I am planning on ordering some equivalent MAC brushes online to compare these cheaper ELF ones to the expensive MAC ones but the MAC brushes have been out of stock for so long! So when they get back in stock I will review and compare all of these brushes.

This is the 'High Definition Powder' - £6 for 8g which ELF claims "creates a soft focus effect to the skin and masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion." Sounds exciting! The powder itself looks white but applies sheer and I plan to test it as a setting powder for my foundation.

This is the stuff I can't wait to try!

Mineral Infused Face Primer - £6 for 14g

Eyelid Primer - £1.50 for 5ml

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - £3.00 for 4.5g

I'm planning to review all these in an upcoming primer post and compare the new ELF eyeshadow primers to the famous Urban Decay Primer potion (which I love). I wonder if these will be any good!

And finally, here is the 'Elements Custom Compact' - £1.50

This is designed to fit ELF eyhadows/blushers/lip pans......BUT.........I have seen online that these are also a perfect fit for MAC eyeshadow pans! So, as I plan on making my first MAC order soon, I got this compact to put my first future MAC eyeshadow pan in as the MAC palletes are alot more expensive than just £1.50 for this one! And this ELF one is small, portable and includes a mirror (unlike MAC).

And there we have it. Any questions about sizes/amounts etc etc then just ask. There is also for international beauty lovers.

Do you already have any of these or plan to?

L. xXx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

The new Sleek "Sunset" Palette and Sunset EOTD

Introducing the newest member of my makeup family; the beautiful 'Sunset' Palette from Sleek Makeup:

This is my first ever Sleek Palette and I picked it up from Superdrug yesterday for £4.87 (bargain!)
I've heard so much about Sleek Palettes on all the beauty blogs and they seem firm favourites with everyone as they are mineral based, pigmented and super affordable! The Sunset Palette is new to the range. The permanent sleek palettes are Original, Storm, Chaos, Sunset, Acid while the Limited Editions include Safari, Jewels, Graphite & Curious. I saw the new  LE Graphite palette yesterday which everyone is currently raving about also and while it was nice, I wear alot of pinks and golds/bronzes so Sunset seemed the perfect choice for my first palette. So here are some close-ups for your viewing pleasure:

With Flash

Without Flash
 (I would say this is a more accurate representation of the colours)


The colours are all have a sparkly finish with the exception of the black which is matte.
That was my first ever attempt at doing swatches and it went a bit wonky sorry, lol!

I thought I would try to create some 'Sunset' inspired eyeshadow looks and here are my attempts. I hope you enjoy.

Do you own any Sleek Palettes, which one's your favourite?

L. xXx

Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween fun - Vampire Kitty

Here is the look I did for Sarah's Halloween competition here. Follow her, she's lovely :)

I saw Benefit's Coralista in the prize pile and HAD to enter! I'd do just about anything to get my hands on Coralista, including prancing about dressed as a Vampire Cat lol  :) I pray the neighbours didn't see me!

I had SO much fun doing this look and thought the results were too cute not to share so here are some photos from various stages:

                        False eyelashes                                                                   Smokey eyes

I actually think this look by itself is very wearable (minus the bushy eyebrows which were brushed up with mascara. Though I decided to change the lip colour below. Now for the 'cat-ification':

Pink nose, whiskers and blood stains

                          Cattitude!                                             Nice kitty (and that's my Emily Strange hoody)

                             Rawrrrr!                                                                    Vampire kitty ♥ blood

                                                             Outfit of the night - haha!
I ♥ my ear hoodies, I have loads!

             Kitty in the night garden                                                              Stalking prey


       On the prowl

                                                                   Bedtime for kitty

This was my first ever attempt at smokey eyes and false eyelashes and I LOVE them both. Will defo be rocking this look more. Minus the bushy eyebrows, pink nose, whiskers and blood of course!

Ps. I reached 100 followers! I am so happy! Thanks so much to each and every follower and for those who have ever taken the time to read, browse or comment. I havn't done that many posts but blogspot and the community has come to mean a lot to me, I LOVE interacting with you all!

And shoutout to my 100th follower, Sophie (I can't click through to your profile otherwise I would have thanked you on there!).

Meow. xXx
Products used:

MaXFactor 'Lasting Perfomance' in shade 100 to cover blemishes.
Prestige 'Skinlovin Mineral Powder' in shade Fair
Body Shop brilliance powder in Bronze to contour cheeks

UDPP as base
A Primark/Opia pigment in grey/silver (no name) on eyelid
A Primark/Opia pigment in black (no name) in crease
E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow in 'Seductive' on outer V
The white from an Avon 'eye artist' trio under brow as a highlight.
Mascara- MaXFactor "S-T-R-E-T-C-H"
E.L.F. False Eyelashes in 'Dramatic' with Ruby&Millie 'iLash Fix' glue
E.L.F. Liquid liner in Black, winged for a cat eye effect
BodyShop Black eyeliner on waterline

Cat Makeup-
E.L.F. lipliner in 'Natural Blush' to draw the cat nose outline.
E.L.F. Nail Polish in Gum Pink brushed to fill in the outline. Leave until nearly dry.
Barry M Dazzle Dust #58 "Candy" patted over the nail varnish for the light pink colour
Whiskers: Body shop eyeliner in black
Blood: Stargazer Lip Gloss in Red (SO pigmented!)
Lips: Gosh Darling
Nails: 17 Fast Finish polish in 'Nightshade'

Outfit: Emily The Strange Classic Kitty Hoodie
Black sparkly jeans from George at Asda
Black Slouch boots from a randomn shoe shop

And of you have time, make a tail from opaque black tights stuffed with newspaper and safety-pin it on.

Any questions about the products used etc then just ask.

Meow. xXx