Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween fun - Vampire Kitty

Here is the look I did for Sarah's Halloween competition here. Follow her, she's lovely :)

I saw Benefit's Coralista in the prize pile and HAD to enter! I'd do just about anything to get my hands on Coralista, including prancing about dressed as a Vampire Cat lol  :) I pray the neighbours didn't see me!

I had SO much fun doing this look and thought the results were too cute not to share so here are some photos from various stages:

                        False eyelashes                                                                   Smokey eyes

I actually think this look by itself is very wearable (minus the bushy eyebrows which were brushed up with mascara. Though I decided to change the lip colour below. Now for the 'cat-ification':

Pink nose, whiskers and blood stains

                          Cattitude!                                             Nice kitty (and that's my Emily Strange hoody)

                             Rawrrrr!                                                                    Vampire kitty ♥ blood

                                                             Outfit of the night - haha!
I ♥ my ear hoodies, I have loads!

             Kitty in the night garden                                                              Stalking prey


       On the prowl

                                                                   Bedtime for kitty

This was my first ever attempt at smokey eyes and false eyelashes and I LOVE them both. Will defo be rocking this look more. Minus the bushy eyebrows, pink nose, whiskers and blood of course!

Ps. I reached 100 followers! I am so happy! Thanks so much to each and every follower and for those who have ever taken the time to read, browse or comment. I havn't done that many posts but blogspot and the community has come to mean a lot to me, I LOVE interacting with you all!

And shoutout to my 100th follower, Sophie (I can't click through to your profile otherwise I would have thanked you on there!).

Meow. xXx
Products used:

MaXFactor 'Lasting Perfomance' in shade 100 to cover blemishes.
Prestige 'Skinlovin Mineral Powder' in shade Fair
Body Shop brilliance powder in Bronze to contour cheeks

UDPP as base
A Primark/Opia pigment in grey/silver (no name) on eyelid
A Primark/Opia pigment in black (no name) in crease
E.L.F. mineral eyeshadow in 'Seductive' on outer V
The white from an Avon 'eye artist' trio under brow as a highlight.
Mascara- MaXFactor "S-T-R-E-T-C-H"
E.L.F. False Eyelashes in 'Dramatic' with Ruby&Millie 'iLash Fix' glue
E.L.F. Liquid liner in Black, winged for a cat eye effect
BodyShop Black eyeliner on waterline

Cat Makeup-
E.L.F. lipliner in 'Natural Blush' to draw the cat nose outline.
E.L.F. Nail Polish in Gum Pink brushed to fill in the outline. Leave until nearly dry.
Barry M Dazzle Dust #58 "Candy" patted over the nail varnish for the light pink colour
Whiskers: Body shop eyeliner in black
Blood: Stargazer Lip Gloss in Red (SO pigmented!)
Lips: Gosh Darling
Nails: 17 Fast Finish polish in 'Nightshade'

Outfit: Emily The Strange Classic Kitty Hoodie
Black sparkly jeans from George at Asda
Black Slouch boots from a randomn shoe shop

And of you have time, make a tail from opaque black tights stuffed with newspaper and safety-pin it on.

Any questions about the products used etc then just ask.

Meow. xXx


Sarah x said...

What did you use on your nose!!! I like the colour hehe.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH how fabulous?! tres fab Lu! <3 Cats. Vampires. Smokey eyes. LASHES! KITTY EARS, I couldn't love this look any more! xx

Lu said...

I used an elf lip liner to draw the outline, Then i used an elf nail polish (gum pink I think, i'll check and edit the post later) to fill it in then while still a little tacky I brushed Barry M's Dazzle Dust in Candy Pink all over it. The nail polish makes sure it stays on all night (if you were going to a party or something) and it won't rub off etc :) x

Lu said...

*blushes* awww thankyou @chammy

I know i was so suprised at how much I love the false lashes! They were only £1.50 from e.l.f. and i've had them for ages but never tried them til last night and it's love :)

And the kitty ears is just my Emily Strange hoody. I've had that for years and I love it. I also have the Emily strange kitty-eared hat, umbrella and rain coat and a diff version of the hoody with red ears :) Love things with ears hehe! x

Anonymous said...

awww it is SUPERB Lu! *swooon* love love love your idea of the nail polish - I can't imagine it budging the whole night of partying LOL

that's it - my next buy will be loads n loads of lashes from ELF.. need some for a Halloween look LOL :D
how ace!

hehehe! i think you were a litto cat in your past life Lu ;)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Im new here, love this post and must start following you cause your such fun!!! Sharon xxxooo

sheri amor said...

you look so cute esp. the nose :)

Lu said...

@Chammy, thanks again hun.
The lashes i'm wearing are the 'dramatic' ones from elf. I've got 'Natural' too but not tried them yet. You will need a diff eyelash glue though as the elf one that comes with it didn't work. Hehe, i want a cat but my bf is allergic. Will get a dog 1 day though :)

@Passport to style. Hi Sharon, thanks and welcome to the community. I think you're already following me cuz your name is on my followers list :)

@sheri, aww thanks :)

I think I failed making it look scary then cuz every1 says it's cute hehe! x

Stella said...

hilarious pics Lu! they made me smile:) especially the ones in the garden! fab! x

Lu said...

@Stella thanks very much doll :) x

Angela said...

I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

Moni said...

Thank you for a great advise:) I really like your sunset loook. If you like sleek you have to check out new graphite palette:) xx