Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bright Tights

Hola Chicas!

I don't wear skirts or dresses all that often, but when I do I usually always wear tights (just nude or black). So when I saw lots of coloured tights in Primark, I decided to purchase pretty much all of the colour range as they are so cheap and can really inject some colour into outfits (and you can use them to accessorise colours ie with your bag or earrings).

I got Lilac, Cobalt, Turquoise, Floral, Khaki, Green, Wine, Red and Pink. They are all Opaque and quite thick (50 denier) so they do keep your legs warm (ish). Green, Turquoise and Lilac were half price at just 50p each! The rest were £1 each except the floral ones which were £4.

  Coloured tights parade time!
(you can click on the pics if you want them bigger)

                            Lilac                                                                                 Cobalt







Floral from the side (they are seamed)


My verdict:

I think 'Pink' and 'Cobalt' are perhaps too bright to work with for daily outfits for ME. I'd prefer them for glam nights out with glitzy dresses etc. And I was quite dissapointed with the floral ones because of the seams on both sides of each leg. They look ok from the front (or back) but from the side.....hmmmmm.  At £4 for those ones I thought they'd look better.

But the rest =

Trying to decide which are my favourite. Lilac, Wine and Green are the winners for me I think, even though I did feel abit like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz in the Green tights hehe!

Next on my wishlist would be tights with hearts on like:

Which ones are your favourite?

L. xXx


Bicky said...

Omg I love those bright ones!

Lu said...

@Bicky. Get yourself down to Primarni :D So cheap! I went to Tkmaxx afterwards and they only had boring tights and they were all like £5 each :O Primarni wins! x

Tanya said...

I think I needs me some of these haha. :)

Great post :)
I agree with you on the floral ones.

Lina said...

Ah I love those tights, shame the floral seams are messed up as would be my favourite pair. Must head down to Primark soon! xx

P.S. I nominate you for the blog award you sent me!

Lu said...

@Tanya. Defo get yourself some, they are great for the money. Yeah it's a shame, I was really excited about the floral ones too.

@Lina Yeah shame about the seams, maybe I'll find some better floral ones elsewhere ~:( Awww thanks for nominating me back :D I won't do the post again as I've just done it but i'll edit your name in to say you nominated me :) Thanks doll.

Thanks for the comments girls. I took all the pics on the same day in the garden, although it started getting dark outside by the end hehe. Just thought some colours look better with shoes rather than boots etc so I swapped the footwear round lol.

Hope it helps incase any of you were thinking about getting any. xXx

Cap'n NikNak said...

Love all that colour :D You are right tights are the perfect way to add colour and life to your wardrobe!!
I got a bunch of woolly tights from dorothy perkins the other day! yay! x

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

I love the turquoise. Its so much fun! All my tights and leggings are old and i need new ones!!

Sher said...

Hey Lu, great great post! I love coloured tights thought I'm not brave enough to actually buy and wear them yet!! But these Primark ones are so cheap!! I wish we have Primark here lol!! Lilac is my fave:)

Oh, and I'm totally craving for the hearts and dotted tights! I'm trying to get my bf whose in the UK to buy them for me! Wish me luck:P

Lydia said...

lilac, cobalt and wine are!
I love wearing them too! I also have an opaque yellow pair, and grey ones...although I'm currently looking for a light grey pair...

I love wearing skirts,and I always do when it's not raining or too cold... :)

Thanks for the blog award, I will repost it soon!!! :*

Stella said...

Lovely post!
I picked up the blue ones at Primark as well! I love it for affordable but fashionable stuff!
I'll get the turquoise ones next time:>

Lu said...

@Cap'n Wooly tights = very sensible idea for this time of year :) Yeah, defo a good way to add colour especially if you were just wearing black before as it changes the whole look completely.x

@Becky :) The more I look at the turquoise, I think they might be becoming one of my favourites now too! x

@Sher. Thanks sweetie :) I hope your boyfriend can pick you up some tights! They are so cheap you could get back ups too :D I really like the lilac ones too. x

@Lydia Oooh yellow sound nice. There was a light grey pair in primark too but they said 'footless' so I didn't buy them. But i guess I could have just worn them with boots so I may pick them up next time (because I think I need MORE tights haha). No probs for the award, I know you are having a bit of problems so just repost when you are ready. x

@Stella Cool, there was two more pairs which I didn't pick up. One was called 'Royal' which was a navy blue and one was called 'blue' which was very similar to cobalt so I didn't get them. Turquoise ones are lovely :) x

Pyxiee said...

I love the floral ones! My boyfriend said I wasn't allowed them when I picked them up! Wine colour is my fave of the plain ones. Miss Selfridge have some really nice patterned ones but they are expensive for tights! xx

Lu said...

@Pyx Awwww :( Maybe you should ask him to get you some as part of your crimbo pressies :D Yeah I was suprised that the Primark tights were that cheap. Least it won't matter if they get holes in. I will keep my eye on other shops for tights including MissS cheers. xXx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous tights, so bright o.o
wish i had a nice pair of legs to go with them :[


patukiii said...

Those colours are awesome! I love the lilac ones!!
I always wear dresses by the tights that I used to wear are very boring colours as black, brown, or dark blue, so I think I must try more funny colours! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

TABIO TIGHTS WITH HEARTS! I so badly love them, but they are sheer little things and I haven't got the most unblemished legs ever.. {scars, old unfaded stubborn marks etc} so I will have to find a more.. opaque alternative ;D

Dude. I so want a Primark near me! *shakes fist*
Or.. what if they sold online? That would be TOP NOTCH! Sigh.. if only if only! xxxx

Anonymous said...

..and omg, i swear you are rockin' those coloured tights girl!! LOVE them! You may make me convert from boring black to funkalicious colours...hmmmmm! xxx

Lu said...

@Blab about beauty: Ya there's lots of lovely colours to choose. Awww i'm sure your legs are just fine, in fact I think the tights do wonders to make legs look better. That's why I wear them hehe!

@Patukii I think I should wear dresses/skirts more often as I love wearing tights but I usually just throw on jeans lol! I think you should try out some new colours and see if you like them!


Those are the tights I was after too but didn't know the name, they are gorgeous, thanks! I think TopShop do a similar pair too (or do they sell the Tabio ones there maybe, I have no idea :-/ )

It's such a shame you don't live close to town. There's always some real gems in Primark (surrounded by some real crap half the time too though hehe).

Convert to coloured tights and feel more cheery peeps! :D x

Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Gotta love bright tights! I have quite a few of those, and now I feel i need to get some more! The purple ones look gorgeous :) xo

Beth said...

omg them tights are amaze! love your idea! keep blogging love your blog! xxxx

Lu said...

@Emma Yeah I still want more too lol!

@Beth Awww thanks for the kind words hun :)

Tink in My Closet said...

Oh how could you choose?? They're all so bright and perfect!! Tights being the only thing I miss about winter!!

mart and lu said...

whoa they are so bright i love them...i'm in search of tights with heart dots on them.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

They look great, really bright! xx

Kel said...

Hi Lu!
Noticed you are following my blog, so thought I'd check out yours, it's great!

Love the bright tights, the floral ones are fab - like you said though little disappointing with the seam but for £4 I could deal with that!


Lu said...

@Tink I totally forgot that you're in Summer (I just thought you liked to wear dresses whatever the weather lol! That must be kinda cool.

@Mart and Lu and @GWTGT -

Ya bright! Mart+Lu, Jules mentioned earlier in the comments about 'Tabio' tights, I think they might be the ones you are after.

@Kel. Hiya. Thanks very much for the kind words about my blog *blushes*. xXx

AVY said...

Lilac, without a doubt. Love the ones with the hearts to!

Quincifer said...

Oooooh I love the lilac! I was in primark the other day and didn't think of looking at tights, damn!

New follower, so hi :)

Naka said...

I love tights ^^ especially coloured ones and patterns ones I really want some heart ones and lacy ones ^^

alos is you blog named afater the no doubt song?
I love blythe dolls aswel :3

Lipstick on the cup said...

Oh my God! Sooo many colours... I love all of them :)))

Lu said...

@Avy Ya lilac is a good choice. I havn't bought any heart tights yet :( x

@Quincifer Again, lilac is a good choice hehe! Hi and thanks for following, welcome to my blog :) x

@Naka Lacey tights sound nice! And yes, my blog is named after the No Doubt song 'Just a Girl' although I might be changing my blog name soon. x

@Lipstick :D Colours make me happy :) x

Niki said...

I'm seriously considering a trip to Primark this weekend, even though I know it'll be a total zoo! But your tights have inspired me. Bargain buys! I seem to spend most of my salary on tights! Tip - try 'the Asda' as they call it in Liverpool; they often have bargain priced tights too! x

Cake Girl said...

o0o0o0o0o0o0h! I love the bright ones! Sooooo cool.

I attacked Primarni the other day for more cardi's. Bought 3 for £30! Wahooooooo xxx

Jen said...

I have the wine and navy tights from Primark but don't find them long enough for my legs, so they end up being stretched and looking too sheer for my liking. They look perfect on you! The wine are definitely my favourites.

Lu said...

@Niki Oh cool thanks, never looked at Asda's tights before! I know, the Primark queue's will be insane :O Nightmare! x

@CG Woo woo. I havn't actually been clothes shopping to Primarni in ages, just accessories. I fancy some new tops so will try and make a sneaky trip before crimbo! x

@Jen I'm only about 5'4 and I did think they were quite short as well. I got some medium and a couple small and they did feel too short so I might pick up 1 pair in large next time to try them out. Wine were the first ones I bought actually then I went back and got LOADS more hehe x

Thanks for the recent follows girls :) x

If it comes in pink said...

I love Primark:) And my fave of those are the pink ones, what else;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool! The shades are so unique.^^

Katy Wilko said...

I'm definitly going to have to get all these next time I'm in Primark, I love coloured tights as I tend to wear a lot of blacks/greys so it brightens them up, I really love the floral ones!

Carrsky said...

I LOVE the floral ones!!! xxx

Cake Girl said...

Gave you an award :oP xxxx Tis on my blogage! PS - Managed to persuade the boy to have a puppy.... HURRAH! xxx

Lu said...

@If it comes in Pink. Haha I would have guessed that too ;)

@Sashin. Yeah I am amazed at the variety they have, all so cheap too!

@Katy Wilko. Cool hope you picked some up. With them being so cheap it's affordable to buy them ALL hehe!

@Carrsky. I like them too except for the seam. x

@CG Yay thanks so much hun. I just put my awards down the side of my blog and I will get round to doing the award you just gave me soon too. x

Zoella. said...

I LOVE the floral ones! They all look super cute on you lovely! I totally agree, they do inject a bit of fun & colour. x

Lu said...

@Zoella. A comment from Zoella :D Made my day, thanks honey. I do like the floral ones except the seam. I think I might try to hunt out some different floral ones from elsewhere to try to get some seamless ones :) x

steph0188 said...

I love the floral ones, I think I'm going to have to get some of them I'm thinking. Also like the wine colour & the dark green colour!
Just started following your blog :)Steph x

Lu said...

@Steph. Hi thanks for the follow, following you too now :D I was in Primark yesterday and not sure if they still have the same floral ones. They did have some floral ones but they looked abit different, think they were more of a bluey colour. x

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i want all those tights especially the floral ones

Anonymous said...

love them all.