Friday, 20 November 2009

Mirror Mirror...Debenhams Cream Pearl Dressing Table Mirror

Hello lovely followers!

Thought I'd share my newest purchase incase any of you were after a new mirror or wanted something pretty to stick on your Christmas List!

So here is Erikson Beamons for Debenhams "Cream Pearl Dressing Table Mirror", which I purchased on their website here for £22. I also used the code 'SHD1' to get free delivery worth £3.95 so i'm happy with that!

I was just flicking through the website and this caught my eye, I loved everything about it, the shape, the colour, the pearls etc. But upon arrival, there is only one thing I don't like about it - the size! The thing is, the measurements were actually given on the website so I feel stupid for not checking them out first so it's totally my own fault lol. So if you're about to order something, always whip out a tape measure and check the sizes to avoid dissapointment. Don't get me wrong, it's not a teeny tiny micro invisible mirror. It's absolutely fine for doing your makeup in but not your hair really (unless you have short hair I guess!). Though if you were after a beautiful make-up mirror which didn't take up much space then this may just be perfect for you!

The measurements given on the site are 29 x 18cm.

This is accurate but that's from the top of the mirror to the bottom of the stand and from either side of the silver balls. The mirror itself is a around 7 x 5 inches

My first thoughts upon seeing the box were 'Hmmmm that's quite a small box' and when I pulled the mirror out I initially felt dissappointed as the mirror was quite a bit smaller than I had imagined. However, my immediate second thought was 'Gosh it's sooooooo beautiful though, really well made!'. It's like a fairy-tale mirror!

Without flash

With flash


There seems to be a yellow tinge on the picture but the base it totally cream, no dark patches!
Initially I was in two minds about whether to keep it or return it because I was after something bigger but I've fallen in love with it, it really is stunning and it looks alot more expensive than it is. Every little pearl is perfect and it's all shiny and lovely, there is no imperfections with the mirror whatsoever. It is so pretty and it's one of those rare things that actually looks a lot better in real life than it does on the website.

The mirror can be moved and tightentened into position with the silver balls either side. And another neat feature is that the mirror can be removed from the back. So the mirror can be replaced should you ever smash it or it could actually be turned into a beautiful photo frame if you'd prefer

I haven't got a proper dressing table yet but I can imagine this looking magical on any dressing table. I plan to use something to prop it up abit though as it's not very tall.

But I guess good things sometimes do come in small packages, as they say :)

L. xXx


Bicky said...

I love that! Looks really pretty, I've not seen anything like that. Shame about the size though. :(

Lu said...

@Bicky Ya it is soooo pretty! I actually went to Debenhams first to try to see it before buying but my local shop said they didn't stock it and that it was probably only available at the much larger stores. I will probs edit this post at a later time to try to show the actual size of it compared to something else so it's clearer. If it was a few times bigger it would be the PERFECT mirror! x

Bicky said...

I need to look on there actually. I'm thinking of all the things I want in my room next year when I move hopefully. :D

hannahbabeyxo said...

That mirror is gorgeous!!


Sher said...

This is too sweet, Lu! I'm glad you're keeping it!! I'll love to have one of those sitting on my dressing table:)

Lipglossiping said...

That is beautiful!! So tempted by it, but like you - I'm looking for something a bit bigger x

Lu said...

@ Hannah, Sher and LG

Yay it is beautiful and it is a shame about the size. It fits your face in fine so is ok for makeup but not hair booo :-/ x

abbzzw said...

What are the measurements of the actual mirror? I'v been looking for a smaller mirror for a little while now &this one is stunning! i love it. What a find! Well done :D xx

Lu said...


Hi Abz :D

The actual mirror itself is about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide but the pearls round it all add an extra inch so the size of the mirror+pearls is 7 x 5 inches.

If you have a larger Debenhams they may stock it so you can see it first.

Or if people use the free delivery code I provided and order the mirror online and don't want it, you can return it to any debenhams store (even though it was bought online) for free so you wouldn't lose any money.

Hope that helps, need any more pics/sizes, let me know :)

Lu. x

Lipstick on the cup said...

OMG, this mirror absolutely gorgeous! Even if it's not big. Great find :)

Tanya said...

Hey hun, Iv tagged you for an award on my blog :)


Anonymous said...

BLOOMIN' HECK! what a gorgey mirror! so regal and very very whimsical & fairytale like as you described.. love it! great purchase.. ok will stop harping on about it now :D

because it's so pretty it's easy to overlook the size ;) size isn't everything.. LOL ok ok, i should get some sleep now! lotsa love xxx

audrey said...

absolutely gorgeous^^

Sarah said...

Oh what a gorgeous mirror!!!! So pretty!!!

Lu said...

@Tanya, thanks so much :)! I have a few tags to catch up on but I will be doing them soon, just been doing a draft of it. x

@Jules I know it's a total princess mirror :D Still abit on the small side though.... but it's so shiny......:D xXx

@Lipstick @Audrey @Sarah Glad you all like it, it's really lovely! x

Beth said...

woah that mirror is beautiful! :)xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Thats gorgeous!! I have such a plain boring mirror.. This one will look fba in your room! Or mine, might have to find one for myself :D x

Lau. said...

I love the mirror!!! is gorgeous :D

Amy Antoinette said...

That's beautiful, can't believe it was only £22! I'd buy something like that just to look pretty on my dressing table, it's lovely! xxx

Lu said...

@Beth @Lorien @Lau

Glad so many people like it :)

@Amy Ya I know it does look expensive and really nice quality. And, I've already told you on twitter but for others:

It seems to be on sale for £16.50 now so if you wan't it get it for cheaper!

Laura said...

goodness! this mirror is so, soo gorgeous <3