Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

Howdy my beautiful followers who have stayed with me! Mwah!

I ♥ Halloween

So I'd like to share a piece of my 2010 Halloween in photos

The Momiji Kitty pumpkin which my lovely bf helped carve especially for me
I ♥ my Momiji Kitty

His AWESOME Jack Skellington pumpkin!
We ♥ NBC

Chocolate apple! I prefer toffee/candy apples but don't worry, I have some of them too

 ♥ Toffee/Candy apple

 ♥ Halloween Monster Munch! ♥
I ♥ all my Halloween munchies!

The annual classic halloween DVD lineup!
(Beetlejuice would be included but I can't find it :( )
I ♥ Tim Burton


What do you ♥ about Halloween?