Friday, 12 February 2010

Eylure Dylash - The 45 Day Mascara

Firstly, I would like to say a great big THANKS to everyone. I've now passed 200 followers and I'm so grateful to you all for reading and commenting. Mwah!

Now on to a review of a product I recently discovered which I LOVE!

Dylash by Eylure - 45 Day Mascara

The product claims:

"Long lasting colour for dark, glossy lashes and brows. Easy and safe to use. Up to 12 applications."

I think the term 'mascara' is a little misleading as this product is actually a permanent dye for your eyelashes (and brows) which is supposed to last for up to six weeks.

I have naturally dark hair but very pale (but long) eyelashes and the roots of my eyelashes are blonde so without mascara my lashes are practically invisible. So I googled for information about eyelash tinting at Salons and found that it is typically around £10 for just one visit. I've never had this done before but I felt it could get expensive as your eyelashes fall out and replenish themselves within a 2-3 month cycle so I googled to see if there was any D.I.Y. Eyelash tinting kits and came across DYLASH. I also came across 'Colorsport 30 Day Mascara' but all the reviews I've read seemed to say that DYLASH was better.

I chose the colour BLUE/BLACK as it is supposed to give a more intense and glossy colour than just 'Black', which gives a matte black finish.

Here's the contents:

Included in the kit are:
  • 10ml bottle of Activating Solution
  • 5ml tube of Cream Colour (in Blue/Black)
  • 1 white mixing stick
  • 1 applicator brush wand
  • 8 paper strips (to place under eyes).
  • A bowl shaped indent in the package to use as a mixing place.
Two other things which aren't included but you will NEED are Vaseline to spread around your eyes to prevent the skin from dyeing and gentle face wipes to wipe drips or product out of eyes etc.

So here is a picture of my eyelashes before I dyed them.


I was SO excited to try Dylash that I didn't want to waste time taking many photos but you can see the blonde roots of my lashes and how pale they are.

My experiences to note:

I left mine on for 20 mins, instead of the 10 advised as I wanted to give it chance to go dark and I was worried my tears would have diluted it lol!

I applied it on the underside if my eyelashes like normal mascara and also brushed it on the top of my eyelashes and left plenty on the roots. I think I made way too much of the dye though.

You are advised to close your eyes for the 10 minutes while the Dye is on but in my experience this was a big mistake as I had loaded the underside of my eyelashes with too much dye and when I closed my eyes I got a lot of stinging and watering like so:


If this happens then take your time and wipe the dye out of your eyes gently with a face/eye wipe. I think it's better to leave your eyes open but it's up to you.

Also, I found the applicator wand to be too small so I would advise just using and old, clean, mascara wand and brushing the dye on like a normal mascara as it will be much less likely to get in your eyes that way.

Use an old tray or towel to do this on as I did this on a white bedspread and dropped the wand with dye all over it, oopsie! Similarly, wear an old t-shirt or something just in case.

The skin on my face was not left with ANY dye on at all afterwards so that's good, just remember to use Vaseline.

Finally, it is very important that you NEVER attempt to dye your eyelashes with regular hair dye as they may contain ammonia etc which should not be put anywhere near your eyes! A sensitivity test is advised to be carried out 48 hours before you dye your eyelashes also.

So anyway, the process was a bit sore but will get easier with practice and now for the results pictures without a scrap of mascara on (I've used eyelash curlers though).

Dylash, where have you been all my life?!

I'm SO SO SO happy with the results! Remember, this is a dye, not a mascara so it doesn't actually lengthen or thicken. Though in the process of darkening your pale lashes, I guess it does actually give the appearance of lengthening and thickening and even wearing a bit of eyeliner, if you see what I mean. They look really natural too!

My new-found dark eyelashes won't mean that I'm never wearing mascara again of course, but I will go without it more often like when just popping to the shops whereas previously I would NEVER leave the house without mascara. I feel much happier about the way I look without mascara now which is great! I'll still be layering on the mascara for important occasions obviously though hehe. But, in the mean time I'm so happy to have found something which has made me feel better and more confident and is a real time saver too!

Dylash is also ideal for those with pale lashes who may swim or go to the gym a lot and find that water-proof mascara just doesn't cut it.

Summing Up
 Visit their website here for more info

Price I paid: £6.99 from Boots (Amazing Price considering it could last you a year!).


Pros: Gives a permanent (while your lashes last!) glossy colour. It really works!

Cons: Can sting if you get it in your eyes.

Would I buy again? YES! I intend to use this FOREVER lol.

If you are already blessed with dark eyelashes then this product may not be for you but if you have pale lashes (or roots) then this could be your new best friend!

L. xXx

P.S. I bought some new cutesy cake fabric to replace my Zebra background, cute huh? I will also be re-naming my blog and having a new blog header in the near future so look out for that :)
P.P.S. I have tags to catch up on but I will do them, thanks girls.
P.P.P.S. What does P.S. mean?


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Your lashes are soo black!! Amazing stuff

Lu said...


Thanks for the comment :) I know I LOVE it! Wish I had found it earlier though. xXx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

OMG! looks amazing! It actually proper does.
Im so getting my lashes tinted next :) Id do it myself, like you did, but Im way too scared! LOL
Ive had lash tints before, but always put mascara over the top anyway because I like how mascara gives lashes more thickens/volume etc


Lydia said...

OOOH amazing! why don't we have such products in Italy??? grrr

I will send your package on monday I think. Sorry, but it's been snowing and the only places I went to are the gym and bf's haha.
It only takes a few days to get to you, though..

Oh and P.S. means Post Scriptum, which is latin, and literally means "after what is written" :)

Kel said...

Wow!! Looks great, and for a home dye kit aswell!
I've had mine done in a salon, along with an eyelash tint, I had my eyes closed, and must admit they did sting a little and water.

X x

Lu said...

@LorienBeautyLove. Thanks :) It's not difficult to do yourself, but it can sting if you mess it up doh. I'll still be wearimg mascara too most of the time hehe but at least I don't look too rough without it now :). x

@Lydia. You might be able to get similar in Italy but a different brand maybe? Don't worry, send my package whenever you have time. Hehe, thanks for telling me what PS. means! :D x

@Kel. Thanks, I first thought about going to a Salon but it's the price that put me off as you only use a tiny bit of the Dylash kit each time so it will last for ages. x

Carrsky said...

Oh the results are amazing!!! And you're right the price is so good for how long it will last xoxo

Lipstick on the cup said...

The result is amazing! I wish I had this stuff ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

*GASP* !!!!!! your lashes look beaaautiful, you have the most gorgey eyes! {wow that didn't sound creepalicious at all} mwhahaha!
Amaaazing - such a fab transformation! And YAY for not having to worry about mascara for little trips out.. i know what you mean!

i gotta share this on twitter for my girlies with light lashes! <33 xxxx

Lu said...

@Carrsky. Thanks :) Ya you only use a tiny amount so it should last ages :D x

@Lipstick on the cup. Thanks and maybe you can get something similar where you live? I'm sure there will be a different brand which does the same product. x

@*jules *blushes* Thanks for the compliment sweetie. Yeah I usually buy cheapo mascara like Primark or Tesco just for the little trips out so I don't waste the better mascara but I can rubber those now and go au natural (with a little help from Dylash hehe). I haven't worn mascara since I've done this so I can't wait to see that too as even when I wore mascara you could still see my weirdy blonde roots.
Thanks v. much for the tweet, mwah! xXx

Rosa Adores... said...

wow your eyelashes look amazing! you don't even need mascara!

ShoppingAddict said...

Oooh looking good hun!! :)

Jen said...

PS means post-script, aka after the text! ;)

I really like the look of this, apart from the painful bit in the middle it looks easy and like it gives great results! :)

Lu said...

@Rosa Adores. Thanks, I even went to Asda without mascara the other night!:O Just curled my eyelashes and they looked good. Loving the time-saving aspect of not putting mascara on! x

@ShoppingAddict. Thanks :) x

@Jen. Hehe thanks. So does PPS, mean post post scipt? Lol. Ya, it was totally easy, just like putting normal mascara on except I think I put too much on. No pain, no gain hehe. But I hope I will get less in my eye next time.

If anyone else gives it a go, link me up with your results! xXx

Shifa said...

wow lovely color that came out to be! but i would be rather scared :S

Dani M said...

Oh that is amazing!
I want to try it!!

Amy said...

wow wow what a difference! they look so lovely and long! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) xx

Lauren ♥ said...


i have my eyelashes tinted when im at my sisters saloon, but as she lives 200 miles away i need this!

im scared il blind myself tho.... lol xx

Lu said...

@Shifa. Ya it's a real glossy colour. I was kinda scared but I just figured it would be the same as putting mascara on so I went for it! x

@Dani M. Let me know if you do :D x

@Amy. No probs, i loved the look.

@Lauren. I'm jealous your sis has a salon lol! I've never had mine done ever before, this was my first time. I got plenty in my eye and I'm not blind heehee! It's really pretty easy and quick! x

Monika said...

ahhh really really good results!
not a bad price either

Anonymous said...

they look amazing :) and your eyes are gorgeous by the way

streetlighteyes said...

Hiya I'm a new follower!
Very cute blog ^.^

Katy Wilko said...

I really need this product! My lashes are are invisible! I never leave the house without mascara on but sometimes I just want a more natural look xx

Sher said...

Wow, I've never heard of eyelash dye before!!

And yes, Topshop has the best dresses! You should go more often:)

I never realized you're in Scotland before, which part are you at?


Jacque said...

wow your lashes look amazing!! That sounds like a very worthwhile product!!

VaidaG said...

Wow, i'm so glad i found your blog, it is soo written in ym style lol. And eyelure makes amazing products, i want to buy that one now.. but i'm a little scared to use it.. oh well, just have to give it a try :)

Lydia said...

Lu, I should be so ashamed! I haven't sent your package yet! First was the snow, second my boyfriend graduation, and then it was the flu. Anything for an excuse, you may think!

So sorry! I promise I will find a way to send it out very shortly. Is there anyone at the address you've given me at the moment? someone that could collect the package for you while you are away!

MissDollyGal said...

Glad you found this, your lashes are such a lovely colour now. Congrats!

Lu said...

@Monika + Jessica +streetlighteyes

Thanks girls :)

@Katy Wilko, ya that's why I bought it, cuz of my invisible lashes, for the first two weeks i barely wore mascara, it felt great!

@Sher, Your topshop dresses are so pretty, i'll leave you a message to say which part i'm in.

@Jacque, Thanks :)

@Vaida. Awww thanks for the sweet words about my blog :) I was scared to use it too but I think the results are worth it and it will get easier with practice.

@Lydia, Don't worry hun, I don't mind hehe. I will give you a message. Hope you feel better from the flu. x

@MissDollyGal Thanks very much chick :)

Thanks for the comments everyone! xxX

patukiii said...

I have seen this product in boots a lot of times and always i've wanted to know what it was! thanks for the review, your lashes look amazing!

Aya Smith said...

Oh, I have GOT to try these! :D

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi Blog

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

ouch that looks painful but your eye lashes look amazing after.

Benedict said...

hey! odd query, but i'm a guy who's got really fair facial hair, its practically invisible, but all of the rest of my hair is brown...there's no male product for it you think brown dylash will work on it?! -and does it dye the skin underneath the hair..? cheers! x

Kitten69 said...

i use this is black, love it! i dont bother with the skin guards or vaseline etc anymore, i jus apply it like i would mascara, with a wet Q-tip at hand to wipe off any dots i get on the skin x its easier i think x

Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

@patukiii, chloe and Aya: thanks for the comments girls. x

@Benedict. Hi there, I'm really sorry I've taken so long to reply! It's a shame there isn't already a product out there for you. Hmmmm I don't know. I think it will work and dye your beard hair. But it would also dye your skin (not permanently). It will wash off your skin after some hard scrubbing though. It will probably work just the same as regular hair dye so it might be cheaper for you just to try normal hair dye. Wear gloves as it WILL stain your nails for a long time though (stained mine for weeks last time oops lol). I know your comment was a long time ago so I hope you got it sorted. And maybe you should invent beard dye - you could get rich lol! x

@kitten. I love it too! I've done it a couple more times since this post and even though i used vaseline and guards and tried to be more careful i still got some (but less) in my eyes doh lol. I think maybe I'm making too much solution so i'll try less next time. Hopefully I'll get better with practice. x

Lauren Ellingham said...

Definitely want/need to invest in this!! x

3ate4 said...

Want to try this now!