Friday, 14 August 2009

Starting a 30 day trial of ~ Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash

Ever since I saw FilthyGorgeousMakeup's Lilash review here, I’ve been daydreaming about long and fluttery lashes as hers looks so amazingly long and curly in her video as a result of using “Lilash” which is an eyelash growth-stimulating product.

I desperately wanted Lilash after seeing so many good reviews and wonderful ‘before and after’ shots like these ones (this is not me, it's just a random Lilash before and after photo):


But...the downside?

The price!

Lilash is around £80 at the cheapest unfortunately. Similar high end products with hefty price tags include "Revitalash", "Enourmaslash" and "Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner" although Lilash seems to be the most popular.

Currently, I can't afford beauty products at those prices (although i’ll be sure to stick Lilash on my Christmas wish-list in years to come), so I set about trying to find similar, but affordable products to try instead. The 3 names I came across were "Mavala Double Lash", "Lipocils" and "Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator".

Out of these 3, I decided upon Mavala Double lash after reading many many positive reviews about it and at around £8-£15 for 10ml, it is affordable and worth a try to see if it works for me. Evens if it works half aswell as Lilash I'll be very happy.

So, about Mavala. They are a brand from Switzerland known for their successful range of ‘treatment’ products from skin to nails to eyes. They describe themselves as ‘world leaders’ in the industry.

The Mavala Double Lash box states:
"You probably apply a night cream on your face every night...but... have you thought of giving a similar treatment to your eyelashes, which have suffered even more than your skin?"

Good point there. They go on to say:

“DOUBLE-LASH is a nutritive treatment for lashes that is applied like a mascara and helps lashes grow.

DOUBLE-LASH strengthens and protects lashes while giving them a natural and silky luster.It’s rich formula contains proteins and natural ingredients which help stimulate faster growth and adds brightness and thickness to lashes.
Your lashes will quickly become healthy, long and strong and you should see visible results in approximately 30 days.”

Sounds good to me! I bought my bottle of "Double Lash' from feelunique here which, at just £8.25 with FREE delivery, is a total bargain.
It arrived quickly. Behold:

Instructions: Apply at night on clean lashes. Leave on all night.


So, around 30 days from now I will update with before and after pictures of my lashes. Fingers crossed!

L. xXx


Lu said...

Apologies that the post looks abit of a mess and if I published the post a billion times! I'm not quite grasping blogspot's editing. It doesn't seem to do what I tell it lol, the spacing in particular. Any tips lol? xXx

Lu said...

And sorry for the GIANT post titles! I'm trying to figure out how to change them! x

DarlingSummer said...

Darling i've just tagged u,come join in the fun as i would like to know u better...

makeup junkie said...

know what you mean about li-lash, i really reaaallly want it, but not at that price :(

Lipglossiping said...

OH, oh, oh... I'm so following this! I've got my fingers crossed tightly that you stumble upon an awesome budget alternative. Please keep us updated!

Lu said...

@makeupjunkie Yeah I know! I'm thinking about asking for Lilash for christmas but i'd still feel guilty about making someone pay that price eek !

@lipglossiping Hi, thanks for following :D

What I didn't realise about this product is that it says you will start seeing results AFTER 30 days! I thought it was like a 'use for 30 days and you'll have mega lashes by the end' sort of thing. Silly me hehe. So i'll have to keep using it alot longer than 30 days, just like Lilash which can take around 3 months to show results!

It has already been nearly 30 days and my thoughts are......... It has definitely improved my eyelashes in alot of ways. They are stronger (less fall out), they actually look alot better and healthier (kinda shiny/silky) and I would definitely say that they are SLIGHTLY longer (a couple of mm's).

So as a lash conditioner it has worked great already but no great growth so far. My Bf tells me he thinks they look longer though but i'll keep using it (the bottle has only a small bit gone at the top! Looks like it's gonna last ages :)


Lu said...

Forgot to say my eyelashes definitely look fuller too! The main reason I wanted to use a growth product is that i've been using dead cheap eyelash curlers and they kept pulling my eyelashes out, at the corners especially. And when I noticed that I was starting to get spaces between lashes and sparser lashes at the corners I wanted to sort it out cuz I had previously liked my eyelashes. My spaces have now pretty much gone and the corner eyelashes have grown back (and i think i can see eyelashes in new place that they weren't before etc).

So Double Lash has deffo made a positive difference to my eyelashes and is probably worth the price as a 'conditioner' alone or to restore eyelashes back to a healthy state, and it is going to last for ages too. Will be a big bonus if if starts adding more length though, fingers crossed! xXx

Lipglossiping said...

Thanks for such a brilliant update! It sounds as if for the price, it's definitely worth a punt. And not only that, but the results you've seen so far (although not conclusive) have all taken place in the first 30 days... I'm a bugger for remembering to apply stuff (eye cream? wassat?!) I wonder if I'd be disciplined enough to apply every day. Still think it's worth a go though, thanks Lu! xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I need to find which shops sell this product! My eyelashes have been hectic ever since I snipped them off because I was trying to take off semi permanent lashes! There have been so many great reviews on products like this!!! Those lashes look AH-MAZING! Hopefully yours will look just as great :) xx

Pipsypopsy26 said...


I can't wait to see the results of your 30 day trial, I might give it a go if it's any good xxx

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

AMAZING before and after! Definitely want to see how your trail goes!!
We'll be back!

Have a lovely weekend :)
Come follow <3 TBAG xx

Lu said...

I hope i'm not confusing people with the before and after pics? The before/after pic is for LILASH and it's not me.

I'm still using Mavala double lash and it's definetely not having anywhere near as great as effect on growth as Lilash does but it has made the condition of my lashes heaps better and hardly any fall out now! I will do an update at some point but might leave it a few more weeks to see if there will be any more growth (only been a mm or 2 so far)I think. My lashes are very light in colour though so it's hard to tell.


Lorien BeautyLove said...

Cant wait to see the results!! Im hoping this works for you!! Im currently trying a ModelCo version of this, been 3 weeks, no difference :( Ugh. x